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Townsend Leadership Program

Leadership Models for People and Businesses

As a leader, it is important to have a complete set of skills to accelerate your personal, professional, and organizational performance. Dr. Fleming’s Townsend Leadership Program group meets on a monthly basis to support each other in growth and success, both professionally and personally.

Skills you will develop in TLP

  • How to engage your team to embrace your values
  • Ways to enhance your organization’s performance
  • Building and developing a unified, motivated team
  • How to set and achieve three big-picture stretch goals
  • Develop and execute well-crafted strategies quickly and decisively
  • Revolutionize your leadership power and presence
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Endorsed by Townsend

John Townsend personally endorses Dr. Michele Fleming as a Director for the Townsend Leadership Program. Train as a group. Succeed as a leader. In-person or online. Maximize personal and professional growth

How TLP Works

And How We Help You Achieve


As a TLP Director, Dr. Fleming will gather groups of individuals who are invested in their personal and professional growth. She will assemble a team from diverse industries and sectors, of both genders and of all ages and ethnic groups. Team members consist of CEOs, C Suite leaders, small business owners, managers and professionals in a wide range of fields.


Stretch goals are the heart of TLP. Dr. Fleming and Team Members will help you set and conquer three big-picture goals that are the most important to you, that will impact your leadership, your organization, your vision for the future, and help you in the current challenges you face.


Dr. Fleming as a TLP director has been vetted by John Townsend and Elaine Morris. She is passionate about embody the Competency + Character Leadership Model and are highly qualified to lead the intensive TLP groups. They are passionate about developing leaders who will influence their families, friends, and business for years to come.

TLP Training Agenda


Benefit from your team’s collective knowledge during high-value, confidential SWOT analysis segments.


Chart stretch goals and individualized homework assignment progress at a roundtable for accountability and support.


Participate in practical interactive leadership lessons based on Dr. Townsend’s unique model. Representative topics:

  • Creating a High-Performance Team Culture
  • Dealing with Negative Realities Effectively
  • The ROI of Forgiveness
  • Skills for Accelerating Performance During Difficult Times


Gain understanding, feedback, and solutions from members who understand your situation. Collaborate to help resolve any hindrances to your leadership success.


Create a monthly assignment based on the day’s didactic session to build your skills through personalized actionable items that pertain to your stretch goals and new skills learned in the program.


Further your growth trends during tailored one-to-one time with your TLP Director.

Learning Strategies to Expect

With our Competency + Character Leadership model, you’ll learn how to focus on strategy and goals while cultivating emotional intelligence to help grow a successful business. The Leader’s Path to Growth is a framework that highlights how the fruit of your success in your personal and professional life stems from roots of grace, truth, and time. With these models, you gain benefits of integrated leadership growth while experiencing personal support from your TLP group.

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