Effective Biblical Leadership for Pastors

Good leaders play a crucial role in shaping the success and growth of any organization, and for Pastors the significance of their role is even more paramount. In today’s challenges for the church, the importance of effective church leadership cannot be overstated. Pastors are responsible for guiding and shepherding their

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Mentoring Moments Podcast Part 1

Mentoring Moments | EP 14: Ministry and Mental Health with Dr. Fleming Part 1Uploaded on Jan 19, 2024 This episode of Mentoring Moments is centered on ministry and mental health, Jentezen Franklin and Marcus Mecum engage in a thoughtful exploration of the challenges faced by individuals in leadership roles. This

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Does Free Time = Screen Time for Your Kids?

Your first thought might be, what free time? Your kids are so scheduled between school and activities, there is very little free time, as least for you. But younger children have the free time even when you don’t. Think of all the time they have free while you are doing

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Feeling Less Than Festive?

The holiday season brings immense pressure—finding the perfect gift, attending the right party, portraying the ideal family for the Christmas card. Yet, when these expectations collide with reality, it’s not uncommon to find oneself less than happy during the holidays.

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Hand Over the Mic

It’s not the story anyone expected.  An aging sports star yearns for a few more years of glory.  His team for 20 years thinks he’s past his prime.  But rather than a slow and painful decline, he leads a brand new team to the Super Bowl.  Doesn’t matter if you love him or hate

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