Client Testimonials

Andrew Field

Executive Pastor Redeemer Westside

Stacy Anderson

Chick-Fil-A Owner/Operator

What Clients Are Saying

"In the world of athletics, there are a lot of great athletes who are competing for the elite distinction of making the pros. It is very specific, detailed, and minute growth that separates a great athlete from the one who makes it to the pros. In my life the TLP course led by Dr. Michele Fleming was very specific and targeted leadership growth. It wasn't a data dump of information about leadership. It was the right information and the right people to create the needed growth in my life and leadership. I went from the minors to the big leagues in my leadership abilities."
Jason Stankus
Athletes in Action
"Michele has been a powerful agent of change in my life. She has given me insightful guidance, new ways of living in relationships, leadership courage and a personal appreciation of God’s grace in my life. Michele is a skilled, wise and seasoned coach."
Pastor, Redeemer West Side
"The Townsend Leadership Program has honestly changed my life. I have become a better wife, a better mother, a better individual, and a better leader."
Stacie Anderson
Owner/Operator, Chick-Fil-A
"Michele has helped me build my business and increase my confidence in leading my team."
Vice President, Airborne International
"Now I experience a level of freedom and confidence I’ve never known before. If you want to live a life of significance, I don’t know a better way than the Townsend Leadership Program."
Adam Kuhn
Senior VP, ProNova Solutions
"Outstanding service and excellent support! Keep it up."
Cindy Aurum
"Another piece of Outstanding advice .. Your clean and heartwarming advice plus great support is what I love hearing on the radio… Keep up the good work."
Lunafreya Nox Fleuret
"Simple. Clean. Just Wow. One of the best person around to have when in doubt."
Aranea Highwind
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